Insurance Broker Claims

Insurance agents and brokers act as intermediaries between individuals and insurers. Agents and  brokers sell insurance policies and collect commissions along the way. Unfortunately for the  consumer, an agent’s compensation structure sometimes provides incentive for them to guide  you toward policies where they earn higher commissions. It is possible for an insurance agent or  broker to be liable in a circumstance where you are not covered for your losses. The merits of a  claim against a broker or agent will depend on the policy, the type of loss, and representations  that were made by the broker or agent.  
For example, if a broker or agent explained the requirements of a certain type of coverage, told a  policyholder that they were not required to disclose specific information on an application, and  then coverage is denied as a result, the broker or agent may be liable for negligence. Typically,  claims against insurance brokers or agents involve assessment of errors and omissions. A lawyer  can help determine whether an agent or broker is liable, or whether the errors or omissions are  the fault of the insurance company. Our experienced lawyers are very familiar with insurance  policies, the claims process, and broker/agent responsibilities. We have the expertise to identify  negligence or fraud and will fight to ensure that you are fairly compensated in the event that you  are the victim of such conduct.

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