Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

Brain and spinal cord injuries are some of the most devastating injuries a person can sustain. The  spine keeps our neck and back upright and is the anchor for our internal organs; it is the  scaffolding for our nervous system and the place holder for your brain. The brain is the nexus of  the human body, governing our nerves, thoughts, likeness, and physical ability. Both the brain  and the spinal cord are incredibly complex and unfortunately are relatively easily damaged. 
There are numerous ways to injure your spine and brain, as nerves and neurons can suffer  irreparable damage in many situations. A sudden impact to the head, back or neck in a car  accident or a slip and fall on a sheet of ice could lead to a severe brain or spinal cord injury. Here  is a list of some of the most common ways to injure your brain or spine. 
Car accident 
Slip and fall  
Medical malpractice  
Sports-related injury  
Bicycle accident  
Work-place accident  
Diving accident  
Physical attack  
Severity of Injury  
There is also a broad spectrum of severity when it comes to brain and spinal cord injuries,  ranging from hairline fractures, bulged discs and concussions to permanent paralysis, brain  damage, and the total loss of a personality. Some of these injuries stem from internal and pre existing factors, such as genetic pre-dispositions, diseases, or cancers. While others may occur  due to medical malpractice, such as the negligence of a surgeon. Regardless, if you believe  someone contributed to your injury, no matter what the circumstances, legal advice can help  identify the cause of your injury and navigate the road to recovery.  
If you have previously suffered from neck, back or brain issues before the accident, you should  still seek legal advice. A car accident, for example, can aggravate previous injuries or issues and  cause increased suffering, in which case you may be able to claim compensation.  
Compensation and Recovery  
Brain and spinal cord injuries can be extremely severe and can lead to a lifetime of permanent  medical assistance. Due to the complexity and importance of the brain and spine, injuries can  result in debilitating results that can render a person unable to work or care for themselves. Even  mild injuries can cause a person to lose short-term income, and can result in temporary loss of  mobility, self-care, and happiness. If you have suffered a brain or spinal cord injury, you may be  able to claim damages for the following:  
Loss of past and future income  
Rehab and medical expenses  
Pain and suffering  
Housekeeping ability  
Loss of enjoyment of life  
Loss of competitive advantage in the workplace

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