Property Loss Claims

Insurance provides us with peace of mind knowing that our most valuable possessions are  protected from unforeseen loss or damage. When you purchase homeowner’s insurance or other  forms of property insurance, you expect to be protected when the unimaginable happens.  Unfortunately, insurance companies do not make it that easy. They will deny claims and attempt  to reduce the amount of money that they pay out by using complex language and ambiguous  words. In many cases, individuals are misled or shortchanged by their insurance company; we  can help secure full and fair compensation for property damage.  
There are countless events that can cause property damage, ranging from a collapsed tree to a  burglary. By the time you file a property insurance claim, you have already been adversely  affected by the loss. If the damage is severe, you may require repairs immediately in order to  protect against further damage or you may even require a complete replacement of the property.  This type of security is the reason you purchased insurance in the first place, right? A quick  review of your insurance policy will likely indicate language that frees the insurance company  from liability under a wide variety of circumstances. They may also deny the claim by arguing  that a portion of the damage was not caused by the event itself, or that the property in question is  not covered. However, just because there is ambiguous language that appears to favour the  outcome of denial does not mean that you are out of luck. Our experienced lawyers are very  familiar with insurance policies and the claims process and will fight to ensure that you are fairly  compensated for your loss.

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