Partnership Disputes

Starting a business venture with a partner is an exciting time. Business partnerships always start  out with good intentions and generally unified vision. However, as time goes by, there are  numerous ways for the partnership to fall apart. Perhaps the partners envision different paths for  the future of the business or maybe trust begins to break down over time. Regardless of the  reason for the disagreement, partnership disputes are common and often times require litigation.  If they are not resolved in a timely manner, they can begin to have an adverse effect on the  business and can permeate everyday life. If you believe that a dispute with your business partner  is affecting the success of your business, or if the disagreement has reached that point, you  should seek legal advice in order to achieve a speedy resolution and prevent any further harm to  your business.  
Partnership litigation can be very lengthy and difficult to resolve because usually both partners  believe they are in the right. Often times, negotiation, compromise and settlement agreements  appear to be out of sight. However, legal representation can help bring stability and calm to the  ongoing dispute. Our priority is to resolve the dispute with as little excessive cost as possible.  When handling a legal dispute, our lawyers do not promote unnecessary litigation, but rather are  mindful of our client’s interests. Our primary goal will always be to effectively represent the best  interest of our client and to bring the partnership dispute to a fair and speedy resolution. 

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