Real Estate Litigation

Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or commercial tenant, a dispute regarding your home or  business is stressful. What happens if you are renovating your home and encounter problems  with the contractor? What are your options when a dispute between neighbors turns into legal  action? Or if you are buying a home and something goes wrong along the way? When you are  faced with a real estate dispute, you need an experienced real estate litigation lawyer. 
Our experienced lawyers handle real estate litigation in the following areas:  
• Commercial Real Estate  
• Residential Real Estate  
• Condominium Law  
• Landlord-Tenant Law  
• Homeowners-contractor disputes  
• Real estate brokers’ claims  
There are countless matters that may arise in the event of a real estate dispute. The following is a  list of common real estate litigation matters:  
• Boundary issues  
• Breach of Agreement of Purchase and Sale  
• Jointly owned properties  
• Ownership disputes  
• Leasing disputes  
• Foreclosure on a mortgage  
• Problems during a real estate sale  
• Construction defects  
• Problematic neighbors  
• Easements  
Our lawyers are highly experienced in handling real estate litigation and can assist you in settling  your dispute. If you become involved in a real estate dispute, we can help you navigate the legal  process and protect your rights


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