Contractual Disputes

In business, real estate, and employment, a contract can sometimes be the most critical aspect of  an agreement. When a dispute arises, a contract becomes both a lifeline and a weapon to the  parties involved in the dispute. Our lawyers have extensive experience in litigation and focus on  dispute resolution.  
Our lawyers have experience with numerous types of contract litigation and have the expertise to  represent our clients in all circumstances. There are numerous areas of contracts and agreements  that can quickly deteriorate into a dispute or litigation, including the following:  
• Partnership agreements  
• Shareholder agreements  
• Employment agreements  
• Buy/sell agreements  
• Non-compete agreements  
• Confidentiality agreements 
• Licensing agreements  
• Franchise agreements  
• General contracts  
Our priority is to resolve the dispute with as little excessive cost as possible. When handling a  legal dispute, our lawyers do not promote unnecessary litigation, but rather are mindful of our  client’s interests. Our primary goal will always be to effectively represent the best interest of our  client and to bring the contract dispute to a fair and speedy resolution. 

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