Medical Malpractice

We turn to doctors and physicians to care for us and provide their expertise when we are in need.  When doctors make avoidable medical mistakes, are negligent in their diagnoses, careless in  their treatment, or when they fail to follow the standard practices, the results can have  devastating consequences. There is special bond between doctors and their patients; a unique  relationship built on complete trust in their expertise and competence. Indeed, our lives are  sometimes in their hands. A common side-effect of this special relationship is a sense that a  doctor does not make mistakes. Unfortunately, this is far from true.  
Proving medical malpractice can be a very difficult thing to do, as medical procedures and  standards of practice and are complex and often times onerous to comprehend. As well, doctors  and physicians are at times unaware of their mistakes or deviations from standard practices.  Investigation into medical malpractice can require medical experts and often times involves  scouring through thousands of pages of medical records for evidence that the adverse outcome  could have been avoided. The following are common examples of medical malpractice:  
Errors with surgical techniques or anesthesia  
Failing to correctly diagnose your condition and allowing an illness to go untreated  Missing the warning signs of a high-risk labour and failing to prevent birth injuries or  harm to the mother  
Failing to take necessary steps to minimize the chances of severe infections  Recommending the wrong course of treatment or prescribing medication that is not  appropriate in the circumstances  
Senior abuse by nursing home or assisted living facility staff  
Negligence regarding covid-19 protocols  
Without representation from a team of experts who understand the complex legal and medical  issues involved in malpractice cases, it can be difficult to hold doctors and physicians  accountable for their negligence. Contact Kamyab Law at XXX for consultation and XXX 

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